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The Chelaalapi Qom Choir was founded in 1962 in Chaco north-east of Argentina. This choir conform entirely by people of the QOM tribe was named by UNESCO as «Living Cultural Heritage».
Since 2017 they started to collaborate with electronic music producers remixing their ancestral music to a different level.

Since 2018 the choir has been working exclusively with Lagartijeando. The project Coro Chelaalapi meets Lagartijeando has already 2 vinyl records and a CD release.

The blend of the choir traditional tribal music and cosmovision in dialog with modern productions presents a beautiful mix of ancestral and contemporary music.

Their presentations have moments of climax when the choir dances among the public (which is a characteristic choreography of the tribe), and playing with their traditional instruments such as the nvique, pezuñas and bombo leguero with Lagartijeando on his controllers and computer combined with visuals that display the cosmovision of the Qom culture.