18.07.2019 | Berlin | Festsaal
17.07.2019 | Paris | Pan Piper
28.11.2017 | Berlin | Bi Nuu

Kevin Johansen + The Nada, who will perform from their new album, Mis America’s Volume ½, plus some old favourites. Kevin’s beautiful songs draw on his love of popular music from Fairbanks, Alaska to Tierra del Fuego in styles ranging through cumbias, tangos, milongas and chanson, all played by the immaculate big band The Nada.

Kevin Johansen moved from Alaska to Argentina as a child before moving to New York where he formed The Nada to perform his bittersweet, often bilingual songs which draw on his border and genre hopping roots. Now based in Argentina for many years be is one of the country’s most acclaimed songwriters, whose songs appeal to fans of Jorge Drexler and Fito Paez but who uniquely inhabits his own pan-American musical world as the leading Sub-Tropicalista.

‘Random, witty and sometimes reckless, the songs are as catchy as they come and Johansen a naturally engaging storyteller.’ The Independent

‘Whether in English or Spanish the much-travelled singer’s left-field take on Latin music is quite beautiful.’ The Observer