06.07.2018 | Berlin | Festsaal Kreuzberg
01.07.2017 | Paris | Pan Piper
30.06.2017 | Berlin | Yaam

The iconic band ‘Los Mirlos’ is well known for their incredible psychedelic Peruvian Cumbia that they have been playing since the 70’s, representing a musical legacy that cannot be mistaken. “Los Mirlos” are the creators of an unique sound, a collage of different melodies and memories that will never be forgotten, kept alive thanks to their constant work and innovation. They have spread a musical message and the amazonian culture all over the world. Their music never gets old thanks to the love of their fans all over the world that consider it a musical treasure and for that Los Mirlos will be forever thankful.

Widely known as the masterminds of Peruvian-Amazonian Cumbia, they are back on stage to share Peru’s musical history and it’s value with the world. Playing their shows they will remember the path that they have walked. They will be performing the songs that had made them famous in different parts of the world. Songs like ‘La Danza de Los Mirlos’, ‘Sonido Amazónico’, ‘Lamento en la Selva’, ‘Muchachita del Oriente’ and ‘Chinito en Onda’ kept in the memory of adults and young people alike who once danced to them. This ‘Peruvian pride’, in the full sense of the word, will bring back the joy and the folklore of the Amazonia.